About Us

Scottsman Tools NOW Weld or Die Tool Co makes world-class welding tools that are designed by weldersfor welders.

Our products are safe, reliable, durable, and affordable. We've put decades of experience into each product we sell, and we work to make sure you're prepared for anything out on the job site. 



Charles C. "Trey" Byrum III began his welding career in the U.S. Navy in 2003 and spent the next 15 years in the field learning about the people, needs, and tools of the industry. He has had a wide range of jobs-- including roles as a welder, an inspector, and a distinguished instructor-- and has become an expert in the trade. 

In 2016, Scotsman Tools was born in Trey's kitchen, where he began baking molds in his oven for what is now Scottsman Tools's best selling product: the Original Tungsten Sharpener Attachment Kit.

Scotsman Tools are now sold in over 65 countries around the world and are known for being among the safest, most affordable, and most reliable welding tools on the market. With 3 patents and ever-evolving product offerings, this family business is one we're proud of.