Scottsman Tungsten Tips Kit

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Purchase includes:

  • 2% Thoriated (Red Stripe) Tungsten Electrode
  • Five Interchangeable Customized Tungsten Tips

Scottsman Tungsten Tip Collection includes five tips with different angles for five different weld profiles. 

These tips are precisely engineered to give you a reliable, predictable weld profile. With these tips, your arc will be consistent and you'll weld without wandering.

This kit is for welding professionals that do not dip their tungsten in the puddle. Being able to replace tips by screwing them on at the point of contact helps to save your consumables. The shank has a 1/8" diameter and is approximately 3 1/2" in length. The tip profiles range from a 60 degree shallow profile for root passes, to a laid back 10 degree point for deep penetration on those cap passes. One of the tips is also a perfect triangle point with three perfectly machined faces and a 1.0mm flat triangle tip. If you weld every day, and you really want to step up your game, then the Scottsman Tungsten Tip Assortment is the kit you need to get to the next level.


See the video for an instructional demonstration on how to work a tight root gap on the bottom in the 5G position: